Ultrasone Signature PRO

Każdy kolejny dzień to coraz większa i jeszcze bardziej pogłębiona wiedza. Prowadzone przez Ultrasone od wielu lat badania przyniosły ważne innowacje, przekładające się na uznanie u profesjonalnych użytkowników oraz u miłośników muzyki słuchanej w ponad 50 krajach na całym świecie.



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Press statements

  • Awarding them with our highest rating of a full five stars! We absolutely loved them, they`re the best sounding headphones we`ve ever put on our heads!

    Slinky Studio 05/2014

  • The S-Logic Plus feature comes into its own with recordings with positional effects (eg, Brian Eno’s On Land album), creating an extremely wide sound stage outside the head. In this respect, the Signature PRO sounds even better than the open-back Grado RS1i.

    Cnet Deutschland, online 21.06.2012

  • The Signature PRO’s clean, deep basses, high sound level, and exciting dynamics are convincing. “The fact that it is designed with high frequencies in mind make it ideal for detecting even the most subtle of noises. However, its price is without a doubt high-end

    Videoaktiv Digital 4/2012

  • The Signature PRO has been designed in equal measure for audiophiles, DJs and sound engineers.

    Beat 04/2012

  • Once you’ve got used to them, it’s difficult not to miss their simplicity

    AUDIO 03/2012

  • The Signature Pro is a powerful headphone, more colourful and richer than the Sennheiser HD800 [...]. The bass is perhaps a touch too powerful; but otherwise the sound impression is very well balanced and extremely pleasant.

    HIFIDIGITAL 02/2012

  • It therefore produces high sound levels even with a very small iPod [...], and the nicely fitting earcups leave little opportunity for aircraft or train noise to seriously spoil the pleasure of listening.

    FAZ 07.02.2012

  • We strongly recommend the up-market Signature PRO with its soft leather earcups — and not only for professionals. Anyone who simply enjoys listening to music will also succumb to its spatial and vivid sound

    Stereoplay 02/2012

  • This headphone succeeds in combining analytical clarity and a pleasant sound — something quite unique in this form!

    Recording Magazin 02/2012

  • Build and feel are excellent while the acoustic properties are remarkably similar to listening with a good pair of speakers.

    Studio Magazin 12/2011

  • "The Signature PRO can be entirely used as professional tool." 12/2016

Awards Signature PRO

PLUS X AWardSTF 12/2011Area DVD Five Star Award


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