Ultrasone PRO 900i

Kredo brzmienia - Mające czarny kolor wykończenia PRO 900i to referencyjne słuchawki, przeznaczone dla profesjonalnego użytkownika.

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360° View

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Press statements

  • "The spatial representation is undeniably good - the sound stage is right there in front of you." 08/2010
  • All the details are just right, and the robust build and available volume mean that the Pro 900 can be used as DJ headphones or for live performances without any problems...

    De:Bug 06/2010

  • At moderate volumes, however, the Pro 900 comes into its own with a well balanced sound impression and the characteristic Ultrasone soundscape ...

    SFT 06/2011

  • The build quality of the closed-back Pro 900 is outstanding, and it comes with all the extras one could wish for.

    Digital Production 01/2011

  • Acoustically it was similar to the Pro 750 but had a beefier bass, more coloured mids and greater clarity during loud orchestral tutti.

    Stereoplay 1/2010

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