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Więcej mocy - Ultrasone to profesjonalnie zaprojektowane i znakomicie wyposażone słuchawki.

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Press statements

  • The headphones proved their worth straight away and have a surprisingly good overall frequency balance.

    Drumxound 05.01.2012

  • Of the products we tested, Ultrasone is the sole company that manufactures only headphones and has the corresponding degree of specialism. This is also obvious from the headphones as the Pro 550 is very comfortable and has an excellent build quality. 18.05.2012

  • Our overall impression was extremely positive. At such a reasonable price we have no hesitation in recommending the Pro 550 in terms of its price/performance. A top tip for all drummers and bass players.

    Drumxound 05.01.2012

  • High resolution, outstanding spatiality and solid build: The Ultrasone PRO 500i satisfies all along the line.
    AREA DVD 08.08.2016

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