Ultrasone HFI 580

Moc i wpływ – Zamknięta obudowa HFI-580 ukazuje jego ekskluzywny dizajn i wysoką jakośc brzmienia z czarno perłowym wykończeniu.

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360° View

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Press statements

  • ..., however, we like the HFI 580’s closed design, which provides subtle acoustic shielding, and especially its very powerful yet detailed bass, which makes for even more authentic explosions and muzzle flare.

    PC Games Hardware 08/2010

  • The HFI 580 is a good example of Ultrasone’s philosophy: excellent acoustic properties, perfect acoustic shielding, and an exclusive design.

    Raveline 09/2011

  • This headphone should appeal to those musicians – guitarists, bass players, and percussionists in particular – who want an extremely punchy bass for their cue mixes.

    Professional Audio 06/2009

  • The Ultrasone HFI 580’s MU metal shielding reduces the head’s exposure to the risk of electromagnetic radiation by up to 98% more than ordinary headphones.

    Chip Sonderheft Herbst 2008

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