Ultrasone HFI 2400

Rekreacyjna akustyka - Szukasz słuchawek o obudowie otwartej? Model HFI-2400 jest perfekcyjnym połączeniem najnowszych technologii stworzonych przez Ultrasone z trójwymiarową reprodukcją dźwięku słuchawek otwartych.


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Press statements

  • For: a punchy, precise bass; a high degree of comfort; and excellent build quality.

    SFT 2/2010

  • The Ultrasone displayed the best sound quality of all the headphones tested

    MacUp 10/201

  • The headphones involve the entire outer ear in the listening process. As a result, the sound is much more natural than with traditional headphones or with in-ear phones.

    PC Games Hardware 10/2010

  • ... thanks to its open but circumaural design and spacious, vivid sound, the HFI 2400, which weighs a mere 300 grams, also looks good in a computer studio. Thanks to its S-Logic technology, it also sounds remarkably different and reveals lots of new nuances after a brief familiarisation phase.

    Beat 6/2010

iPhone & Co.Editors Choice



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